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Take Me to Your Social Strategy Leader

March 25, 2011 | By | No Comments

Not long ago the title social strategist was likely bestowed on the employee charged with organizing staff birthday parties (think Angela on The Office.) These days, it’s the title that goes to the person responsible for planning and executing online intelligence and customer engagement strategies.  There’s no mistaking this position’s increasing importance in overall company goals.

Jeremiah Owyang started keeping tabs on the growing number of social strategists in corporate ranks. Currently, he’s aware of 280 people who hold the title. The eye-catcher on the list is the proportion of regulated industries represented. Energy, financial, insurance, health and life sciences, and government now comprise 20% of the list. No doubt, the number is a reflection of the need for regulated industries, as Jeremiah suggests, to have a clear social strategy to ensure compliance.

By investing in a corporate social strategist, it’s clear that companies (regulated or not) recognize the importance of gathering social intelligence and engaging customers and other stakeholders. But what about companies who don’t have the resources for an in-house social strategist?

An experienced social media firm provides businesses with a pathway to online success. At Social Strategy1, we blend technology with human expertise to help brands develop the social strategies that manage online reputation, maximize customer satisfaction, build dedicated advocates, and boost customer awareness.

Who’s leading your firm to success on social media platforms?

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