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Identifying Brand Advocates:

March 13, 2014 | By | No Comments

Bridging the Gap Between the Digital and Real Worlds to Enhance Brand Advocacy A social media brand advocate is someone who loves your brand and isn’t afraid to say it. Brand advocates feel a strong sense of loyalty, and talk with you and about you on social platforms frequently. They will share their own experiences, […]

05 Jun


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Social Media Communities 101: Getting Started

June 5, 2012 | By | No Comments

Social Media Communities can be intimidating and difficult to understand at the beginning, but with the help of the trained specialists at Social Strategy1 you can productively grow your online network and reach.

22 Sep


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Importance of Community in Women’s Healthcare

September 22, 2011 | By | No Comments

Sharing via social media outlets is very complicated in the Healthcare Industry. Read about how women are using online healthcare communities to share useful information.

07 Feb


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Are Twitter & Facebook Different Animals?

February 7, 2011 | By | No Comments

His analysis focuses on a finding in the recent Pew report “The Social Side of the Internet,” which revealed that Twitter users are much more likely than users of other social networks to discover groups on the web.