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23 Feb


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Success Secret from Social Media Pro

February 23, 2011 | By | No Comments

The secret to building a Twitter following 50,000 strong? According to marketing expert David Meerman Scott from, there is no secret. Just effort.

Having recently passed the 50,000 follower mark, he shared exactly how much time and effort he invested into building that audience since he launched his Twitter account in 2008. Here’s a snapshot of what David did:

  • Sent 4,300+ Tweets.
  • Wrote 400+ blog posts.
  • Released 4 free e-books.
  • Spoke on about 50 webinars.
  • Gave about 150 print and broadcast media interviews.
  • Made and posted about 125 videos to YouTube and other sites.
  • Engaged with thousands of people on social media networks, through email, via the phone, over coffee, and while sharing a pint.

Check out David’s blog for a full list of the tactics he used to create a social media presence. Is each of these actions right for every brand? Probably not since every company is different and requires a unique strategy. The point is that he worked at it—and worked hard, too.

Now let’s see some of your tips and tricks for building a brand presence on social media networks.

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