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14 Jul


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Spotify Launches New On-Demand Music Service in America

July 14, 2011 | By | No Comments

According to their website, “Spotify is an online music service offering users the ability to stream more than 13 million tracks on demand using Spotify’s unique technology. Spotify will be marketed both as a premium monthly subscription service and a version which is free for consumers to use, and supported by advertising.”

Spotify which was founded in 2006 has over 10 million registered users (1 million are paying users: monthly $4.99 unlimited plan or $9.99 mobile plan) from the UK, Spain, France, Nederland, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Mashable’s Brenna Ehrlich says, “Upon launch, Spotify will be the only free, on-demand service available in the U.S. on mobile and desktop, which will definitely make it enticing to users.”

Spotify which launched today in the United States, is expecting to reach 50 million users nationally in their first year state-side.  According to All Things Digital Spotify has told advertisers that they expect 370 million “opportunities to see” to come from their U.S. product launch today.  Optimism is high over at Spotify, but it is hard to believe they will reach 50 million users during their first year in the American market.

I downloaded Spotify for free thanks to a promo code from Klout, and I must say I am enjoying it so far.  The free version is a mixture of features, it’s like Pandora and Apple iTunes had offspring.  It allows you use their music database (over 13 million songs) to create playlists and a personal library for free but you must deal with advertisements occasionally. The unlimited plan ($4.99 per month) gives you access to every song, whenever you want it, without the ads.  They also offer Spotify Mobile for your cellular device, which gives paying users the ability to access their Spotify music on or offline from any mobile device.

I just upgraded to the unlimited plan, and advise everyone to give the free version a try.  It may not change exactly how music is shared online but it for $5 a month the service easily justifies the cost. Click here to get the promotional code so that you too can try Spotify for free.

What do you think about Spotify?  Will it change how we get our music online? Should Pandora be worried about Spotify?

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