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25 Apr


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Social Strategy Needs Human Touch

April 25, 2011 | By | One Comment

You know social media will play a role in how your brand connects with customers—but the $64 million question is how do you make that happen? On Capture the Conversation, Wendy Hofstetter shares How to Use Social Media Research to Drive Strategy. Using a fictional company, she walks us through a process that starts with social research to pinpoint the target consumer’s mindset to the creation of an engagement strategy based on that research.

 Check out her full post for details and screenshots. Wendy’s post resonated with me because her process relies on a combination of monitoring tools and human analysis. Her final customer engagement campaign is not based solely on numbers and words spit out by an intelligent—but impersonal—dashboard. Instead, it’s the result of solid technology and ol’ fashioned human know-how.

 What do you think? We welcome your human know-how.


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