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05 Sep


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Social Platforms Play Big Role in Gamification

September 5, 2011 | By | No Comments

Social platforms play host to 41% of all gaming, according to a recent survey from social entertainment company Rounds. Here are report highlights:

  • 41% of games are played on social networks
  • 60% of frequent gamers play with friends
  • 26 million unique users play social games on mobile devices

Takeaway: If you’re already using social to engage stakeholders, whether they are buyers or employees, it might be time to consider if gamification can take your social strategy to a new level. Of course, don’t incorporate game mechanics, like badges or points, just because it appears like every other business is doing it. But for some businesses it may be the logical next step to building long-term engagement.

Do you think gamification will start to play a significant role in how companies plan their social media strategy?

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