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20 Apr


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Social Media Tip for SMB Customer Service

April 20, 2011 | By | No Comments

Do brands need to be big to use social media effectively? Negative. Law firms, pastry shops, street vendors—even small and medium businesses can connect with their customers in a meaningful way.  Jolie O’Dell at Mashable spoke with Marsha Collier, author of The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide. Marsha recommends creating a “customer-centric culture” that includes prompt and personal communication.

What does that look like? Marsha shared an example: “I even heard of a brick-and-mortar restaurateur who got a text about cold French fries at his location. He texted the manager, who then showed up at the table within minutes to diffuse the situation.”

In the interview, she also recommends several examples of SMBs who successfully serve their customers via social media:

By combining an active social network presence with online monitoring, SMBs can implement the responsive service that brings customers and clients back. What’s your favorite tip for small and medium businesses who want to boost customer service via social networks?

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