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30 Mar


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Social Media Techniques To Launch Your New Product

March 30, 2011 | By | No Comments

If you have a new product to launch you’re probably going to use social media to promote it. Guy Kawasaki recently released his tenth book, The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions and used the following techniques to promote it via social media.

Kawasaki outlined the steps he followed to launch his book on Mashable. Although these are the techniques he used to launch his book, he is confident that the techniques will work to promote any product in general. Here’s a summary of 5 of the techniques Kawasaki recommends:


  • Quickest way to get web presence
  • Fan pages offer built-in capabilities like commenting, liking, sharing, uploading video/photos
  • Offered a PDF version of first book to attract visitors
  • Some costs involved to have page professionally designed

2. Website

  • Due to the need to add materials to supplement the Facebook Fan Page, a website was necessary to avoid too many tabs
  • Capture any audience that may not be on Facebook
  • More flexibility to offer all background information and pictures necessary
  • Ability to add audio and video without the limitations of Facebook or possible additional design costs

3. Email

  • Cuts right to the point – an email is either opened or not, it’s clicked on or not
  • 3.75% clicked through to order
  • Cheap but effective

4. Pay Per Click

  • If you don’t understand hire a professional
  • You will spend as much or as little as you choose
  • It’ worth trying

5. Photo Contest

  • To generate awareness and interaction
  • People love them
  • Inexpensive way to build buzz

Read the entire 12 techniques on Mashable.

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