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07 Mar


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Social Media Strikes a Pose

March 7, 2011 | By | One Comment

What does social media success look like? While firms are realizing that social media networks harbor the potential to provide intelligence and engage customers, it can be hard to form a picture of what success looks, feels, and smells like.

Is every company different? Yes.  Don’t kid yourself into thinking that an ‘out of the box’ solution will work for your business.  There is no ‘one size fits all’, when it comes to social media.

So, does the definition of success vary from firm to firm? Of course.

But it does help to have a picture of what kind of social strategy and online engagement has worked for other companies. Check out these examples:

These are just a few examples of what has worked for others.  Now, it’s your turn.  Be extraordinary and don’t be afraid to fail.  Have a sound strategy before you roll out your online presence, but make adjustments along the way.  The beauty of social media, is that there’s room for failure, but people like failure as long as you’re honest about it, address it head on and quickly.  So now, go forth into the social media world and create your brand’s own picture of success or post your “best of” social story here.


  1. Ilona AKA @eyelona

    One of my favorite “best of” in social media is an example where a company recovered from doing it wrong the first time – and it’s Chevy or should I say “Chevrolet” (as you’ll see in the video below). After an internal draft memo was leaked that seemed to indicate Chevrolet’s management team was forbidding employees from using the brand’s “Chevy” nickname, their marketing team used social media to clear up the misinformation and avoid a PR crisis.

    Watch how they recovered from what could have been a serious crisis.
    Here’s a link to the Chevy video on YouTube:

    A few take aways:
    1- Video allows for greater authenticity. Be honest if you made a mistake and talk to the people that can affect your brand.
    2- It’s more about the message than the value of the production. The GM video was totally shaky and filmed probably with a phone, but because the guys came across genuine, the quality didn’t matter.
    3- When you admit to being wrong, you build long-term credibility, so be honest!

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