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13 Oct


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Social Media Strategy Cannot Live on Data Alone

October 13, 2011 | By | No Comments

From Klout to PeerIndex, scoring systems seem like an easy way for social media marketers to identify those ever important online influencers. But is it really that simple to find go-to social media users? Forrester analyst Ari Osur says no. He recently blogged:

“For example, Charlie Sheen may look like a valuable influencer based on his high Klout score, but a marketer of diapers would probably prefer to tap a mommy blogger with a lower top-line score to advocate its brand.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean off-the-shelf scores are bad, he notes. Influencer sites continue to refine their algorithms, and marketers can apply filters to further pinpoint relevancy.

Here at Social Strategy1, well, we’re data geeks. Our team uses best-in-class tools to collect data on everything from influencers to what competitors are saying. We also offer something that an online listening platform alone can’t deliver: the human touch. Let our experienced business team gather and analyze the online intelligence that identifies influencers, engages stakeholders, and protects your online reputation. Contact us to learn what our team will do for yours.

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