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15 Apr


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Social Media Off The Wall:Kobe and the Sticky Bandit

April 15, 2011 | By | No Comments

When will people realize that we live in a super sensitive digital world, where whatever you say or do can be filmed or recorded?  Key evidence of this is Kobe Bryant.  He has seemed to regain his MJ like image after his sexual assault case out in Colorado. Fresh off back to back NBA championships, Kobe’s Lakers have had some good times recently but have struggled of late.  While playing the San Antonio Spurs Tuesday night Bryant was called for technical foul and in his dismay was caught on camera saying a homophobic slur.

In three days this video has been viewed over a million and a half times, not to mention the live television audience who caught it a few nights ago. Tom Watson, cofounder of Love Honor Cherish an organization that advocates for the rights of gay and lesbian couples to marry had this to say about the Black Mamba, “If he’s got time to make ads for Turkish Airlines and Vitamin Water, he’s got time to make public service announcements about gay-bashing.”

Do you think this incident received more attention because of viral media?  What if it was a lesser known player involved or the incident was not caught on camera, would it have the same result?

In a similar lesson Czech Republic President, Vaclav Klaus, forgets the cameras are rolling on an official visit to Chile.  During a press conference with Chilean President Sebastian Piñera, Klaus looking suspicious takes a ceremonial pen from its case and with sticky fingers, slides it into his coat pocket.

After 3 million views, some creative and social media savvy Czech’s started a Facebook campaign (over 5,000 pledges) allowing people to pledge money towards buying pens for President Klaus. He clearly studies the pen while acting like he understands the Spanish press and is not paying any attention to the Chilean Premier. According to the Czech government it is customary for the president to take ceremonial pens from foreign visits, but why does he look like he’s trying to hide what is happening?

Just remember, the cameras are always rolling and their videos can go viral faster than you can blink.

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