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07 Oct


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Social Media Off The Wall: Traveling Band, Slide Tackling Ref, & Star Wars Kid

October 7, 2011 | By | No Comments

Social Media Off The Wall is a post every Friday where I will share funny and entertaining stories or digital media clips that are trending & being shared frequently on social networks.  If you have a great story or media bit that you think I can use in SMOTW, please feel free to share it with me via Twitter (@mlewii | #smotw).

Traveling Band

Moscow resident Alexander Ishutin, got his friends together and engineered a motorcycle into a stage so that they could become a fully mobile rock band. I have seen many different types of music venues but this by far is craziest setup ever:

The video was trending earlier this week on YouTube and has almost 2,250,000 views in less than a week.  Although they are probably breaking several laws doing this in most countries, I wouldn’t mind if they rolled up next to me for a little concert.

Star Wars Surprise

People love watching videos of kids doing funny and entertaining things. I am very glad my parents did not have YouTube as a source to embarrass me during my childhood, but the youth now do not have that privilege.

Many of us have seen the Star Wars movie series and know that Darth Vader reveals himself as Luke Skywalker’s father.  Farris a four year old was watching The Empire Strikes Back for the first time with his older sister, and let’s just say he was shocked by Darth Vader’s “I am your father” statement:

The video is very popular, trending on YouTube and The Week with over 2 million views in just 5 days! Would you post a video of your child to YouTube?

Slide Tackling Referee

I am convinced that the most passionate athletes in the world despise referees; for the simple reason that they can make decisions that will influence the outcome of the game.  Soccer or Football to everyone outside of North America is a sport where the center referee is constantly near or around the action.  This obviously leaves the referees in vulnerable places at times, even when they are trying to get out of the way.

Spanish referee Eduardo Gonzalez fell victim to this while officiating a game in the Spanish La Liga when he accidentally took out Valencia’s Sergio Canales with a slide tackle:

At least Valencia did not lose the game, but the ref cannot be out there injuring players!  Share any funny referee moments you have seen in the comments below!

Michael F. Lewis II is a Social Media Consultant and Marketing Analyst for Social Strategy1.  He contributes several blogs weekly to the SS1 site.  Connect with Michael on Twitter via @mlewii.

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