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Social Media off The Wall – Social Media Knuckleheads

June 10, 2011 | By | No Comments

What is a knucklehead?  The word was used regularly by my father growing up and I understood “Knucklehead” as a descriptive word for a person who is hard-headed or senseless.  Charles Barkley has taken the word mainstream because he uses it so much. (Frank Caliendo does a great Charles Barkley “Knucklehead” impression, if you want to laugh and hear the word used in a sentence.)

Now that you understand where my head is at, here are my choices for this week’s social media knuckleheads:

New York Congressman, Anthony Weiner

Social media conversations this week have been completely dominated by Weinergate.  Anthony Weiner (a proven knucklehead) is clearly now a household name thanks to social media and has given comics like Dennis Miller a portfolio of comedic material. Weiner claims he lied about his Twitter flub because he was “embarrassed.” I’m not sure if anything is more embarrassing than having a stream of racy photographs and extramarital relationships unearthed by the national media.  Congressman Weiner earns top knucklehead honors this week for all of his past and present activities.

Dro Goalkeeper, Loris Angel

When you were a kid playing sports growing up, what were the lessons preached by your parents and coaches?  All I can remember is “never stop playing until the whistle is blown” and a bunch of other lines focused on good sportsmanship or about having fun every time you play.  The first time I watched this video I could not believe my eyes (learn from his mistake kids):

We would have never seen this video without the sharing power of social media.  Loris Angel is now recognized globally as the guy who celebrated too early. You sir, are a knucklehead thanks to social media.

Pretty Social

Pretty Social is a brand that makes bags and other items which are made up of photographs that you can upload and choose (it’s like carrying your friends list with you everywhere).  Trying to be trendy and innovative, they hired a young Dutch woman to act in a video where she supposedly had her 152 friends tattooed on her arm.  They uploaded the video via her YouTube account and played it off as if she really had the permanent tattoo put on her arm.

As you may have figured, the video was a hoax and Pretty Social released a statement describing their activities and the campaign. Apparently they are trying to make the Friend Sleeve Non-permanent Tattoo apart of their service offering, but may have made the wrong decision on the viral video.  People trying to make something appear as it is not, are terrible tactics to have with social media.  People will find out about what you’re trying to do and the backlash will be much greater than the attention (like with Pretty Social learned with the tattoo artist).

What do you think about these knuckleheads?  What other stories/ people can I add to the list?

Have a great weekend!

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