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21 Oct


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Social Media Off The Wall: Coach Quacks, Steve Young Pre-Game, Disney World Surprise Fail

October 21, 2011 | By | No Comments

Social Media Off The Wall is a post every Friday where I share funny and entertaining stories or digital media clips that are trending & being shared frequently on social networks.  If you have a great story or media bit that you think I can use in SMOTW, please feel free to share it with me via Twitter (@mlewii | #smotw).

Kelly Gets Chippy with Duck Fans

Oregon Ducks Head Football Coach, Chip Kelly has been under fire since last year’s national championship game about possible recruiting violations. Chip has always been a coach with plenty of energy, but he may have gone a little far in last week’s postgame interview with Erin Andrews on ESPN.

I do not believe that telling your fans to “shut up” was the right thing to say there but it gave me a good laugh.  Erin Andrews looked a little startled when Chip popped off on the celebrating fans. The video already has about 700,000 views on YouTube and the clip continues to air on almost every sports show in the country.

Do you think Chip Kelly stepped over the line as the head coach to tell his fans to “Shut Up”?

We’re Going to Disney World?

Every kid in America has their dream vacation when they are young, and it seems like most kids want to go to theme parks like Disney World.  You have probably seen a Disney commercial or YouTube video of parents telling their children that they are going to Disney World, and the kids go wild with joy. Well this next video is probably the funniest attempt at capturing a kid’s reaction to the Disney World announcement:

Now I am not sure who brainwashed these kids, but they really love Chattanooga. Their parents even begin laughing because it is so ridiculous. Kids really do and say the funniest things; they will probably laugh at this video ten years from now.

Steve Young at It Again

Last week I shared a viral video of Steve Young in a surprise birthday flash mob which was very entertaining.  This week Steve Young returns to Social Media Off The Wall for a completely different reason. Do you ever wonder what the sports analysts do when they are not on camera? Apparently Steve Young warms up with the teams on Monday Night Football.

I doubt the video got Steve Young in trouble with his employers, but it is hilarious that Rick Reilly is trying to lay down a serious lead in story and Young is just launching passes behind him. The video has been seen 1.5 million times on YouTube in just four days. The creative flash mob video from last week is now just nearing 200,000 views. When will people realize that the cameras are always rolling?

As always I want to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable weekend! Please share your thoughts, comments, or questions in the comment section below!

Michael F. Lewis II is a Social Media Consultant and Marketing Analyst for Social Strategy1.  He contributes several blogs weekly to the SS1 site.  Connect with Michael anytime on Twitter, @mlewii.

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