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08 Apr


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Social Media Off the Wall: Bernie, Messi, and A Crying Governor

April 8, 2011 | By | No Comments

Kick it like Bernie!

Have you ever seen the great vacation flick Weekend at Bernie’s? Bernie Lomax is dead, but when they released the movie in 1989, I’m sure the film makers didn’t anticipate their character to be the focus of a new age dance craze. Picture this: 3.2 million views. It’s worth the watch, or at least the first 45 seconds.

Next time I hit the dance floor I will have to break out “The Bernie” but, I’ll be like the guy in the purple shirt.


Arguably the world’s best soccer player Lionel Messi, created (had someone build him) a Facebook Fan Page this week. Within seven hours he had over 7 million followers. This is incredible and may be too good to be true.  Rumors have circulated that believe Messi’s representative may have cut a deal with Facebook to transfer all followers of his unofficial pages over to the new fan page.  If this rumor is false then Messi has to have the new all-time Facebook record for quickest number of followers.

Cry Baby

There’s no crying in social media…except if you’re planning to be the governor of The Garden State, of course. Did your parents ever tell you that crying was not going to get you anywhere?  Well Mama and Papa were wrong, just ask this kid.

After the video’s online success, 5 year old Jesse Koczon was made honorary Governor for a day on Wednesday by New Jersey’s Governor, Chris Christie.  His twin brother Brandon (the one with the helmet) was made honorary Lieutenant Governor.  Pretty awesome that a video of a crying kid got enough traction that he was honored.

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Have a great weekend everyone!

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