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06 Sep


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Social Media Monitoring Myths

September 6, 2011 | By | No Comments

Social Media Monitoring can be very tricky with all of the different monitoring platforms and new social networks popping up daily.  Where does one begin? I recommend starting with free tools like TweetDeck and HootSuite to get an idea about your online conversations but as you become more advanced, looking for the best paid monitoring platform will be very important.  Read the myths below to help gauge a better understanding of what to look for in the best Social Media Monitoring Platform solution for your business.

Common myths associated with Social Media Monitoring (SMM):

1. I can find most conversations and comments about my brand through keyword searches on Google.

Keyword searches on Google and Twitter might provide you a few results but are a severe waste of time.  If you could find better information, more quickly from an inexpensive or free social media monitoring platform, why waste your time going through search pages?

2. There is a one-stop platform that will find all data and conversations about your business on the web.

The truth is that no platform can completely grasp everything out on the web.  Some platforms are much better at collecting keyword driven data than others but you should use more than one social media monitoring tool to get the best results.

3. If I monitor my blog comments, reviews, ratings, and Facebook or Twitter mentions daily, I will not miss any conversations online.

As much social media monitoring as you might do, you will definitely miss something bouncing back and forth from so many different media outlets.  A social media monitoring platform can be used to gauge anything from a campaign’s success to the overall reaction from one post shared on various social networks.

Social Media Monitoring platforms can be found anywhere; the most important part is to find the one that best suits your company.  Social Strategy1 provides in-depth social media monitoring and analysis for brands and companies of all sizes.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business decipher the conversations online!

Michael F. Lewis II is a Social Media Consultant and Marketing Analyst for Social Strategy1.  He contributes several blogs weekly to the SS1 site.  Connect with Michael on Twitter via @mlewii.


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