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08 Sep


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Social Media Marketing – Ready, Aim, Fire

September 8, 2011 | By | No Comments

Quick story – when I went quail hunting the first time I was told by my hunting group that even though the birds rise in a big group or covey and your first inclination is to aim in the middle of the covey and fire most likely you won’t hit a thing.  Even though I heard what they were saying it took me a couple of shots in the crowd to realize that you have to take specific aim at a single bird in order to get one.

Ok so I’m a lousy hunter, what does that have to do with social media?  Most companies starting out in social media see several large social media platforms with millions of subscribers and much like a big covey of birds, think they just need to fire in the middle and they will hit something.  Unfortunately, just like hunting quail, in most cases that is not the circumstance.

Social media marketing like any effective plan starts with sound goals and objectives, an effective team to implement the plan, and measurements in place to define success.

The term “Ready” means you need to define and state your social media goals, coordinate your team, and explain your measurements.  The next step companies often miss with is the “Aim”.  In order to properly achieve goals and execute your plan you should begin with a comprehensive listening or monitoring campaign.  This campaign should be designed to fully understand where, when and how to participate in the social conversation in order to affect your strategy.  Note that I use the word participate in the conversations.  Too often companies and advertisers think they can dictate the message and promote the same way in social media as they do in traditional media, and that is simply not the case. Now that you know where you want to participate, what voice is needed to engage your objective(s), and what content you want to share, you are ready to take the next step.

Finally with your strategy in place and your listening campaign to help your aim, you are now ready to “Fire” and execute.  Companies should continue to actively monitor even after they implement their strategies to help made mid-course corrections if needed and to improve the campaign’s effectiveness.  Remember taking dead aim is as a meaningful part of your strategy development and will increase your odds of hitting the target.

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Dennis Stoutenburgh is President & COO of Social Strategy1.  He contributes blog posts weekly and can be found on Twitter @DennisSS1.

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