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04 Mar


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Social Media Lessons – Sci-fi Edition

March 4, 2011 | By | No Comments

I am a nerd. Doctor Who. The Lord of the Rings. Star Wars. I proudly love them all—partially because even in these outrageous, farfetched realities there are fundamentally basic human lessons to be learned. That’s exactly why I had to read Adam Price’s Everything I Know About Twitter I Learned in The Empire Strikes Back.

Adam reviews his own experience with launching a Twitter strategy, one that started with a campaign to gain thousands of followers quickly. Despite his efforts, which included tapping into follow services, he was left to ask himself “Why won’t anybody retweet me?” Then he came to a realization:

“Luke had a light saber and about two weeks of training and he decided he’d take on a Jedi. Where did it leave him? Plus one dad and minus one hand…Where did my “get followers at all cost” model leave me? Following and being followed by a million spam bots that could care less what I have to say.”

The insight spurred him to change course, focusing on nurturing quality interactions with a smaller audience instead of racking up legions of followers. Good advice it is, Adam. (Check out his full post on SocialMediaToday.)

But what works for you? Have you found value in building an Empire-sized following? Or do you find that social media tactics work more meaningfully—and perhaps more profitably—with smaller numbers?

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