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08 Mar



Social Media: It’s All About the Customers

March 8, 2011 | By | 2 Comments

Is your social media strategy designed for your brand or your customer? Traci Hayner Vanover, in Social Media Engagement and Branding: The Seinfeld Guide, writes that social media is not about you the brand—it’s about the customer. She writes: “Who’s the fairest one of all? Here’s a hint—it ain’t you.”

In that spirit, here are questions to ask to determine if your social media presence is all about the brand or about the people you’re trying to engage:

  • Can customers easily find your brand on social media networks?
  • Do you provide content that’s relevant to their needs?
  • Is your content written for living, breathing humans to read? Or is it written for algorithm-based search engines?
  • Are social media interactions with customers timely and responsive?
  • Do you have social media monitoring in place to tap into the wants and needs customers are sharing online?

On social media, it’s all about the customer. By combining online intelligence with timely, responsive, and relevant engagement you’ll increase your chances of generating ROI.

Do you have tips for making a social media strategy customer-centric?

[Check out Traci’s full post, from soup to nuts, on Social Media Today.]


  1. Thanks so much for the mention of my Seinfeld post — I really appreciate it! Love the photo of the magic mirror, by the way. Nice touch!

    My Best,

    • Amy

      You’re very welcome Traci. Thanks for stopping by!

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