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31 Mar


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Social Media Integration Gone to the Dogs

March 31, 2011 | By | No Comments

Happy dogs make happy owners, and happy owners make happy consumers. One German pet food company seems to have figured that out. When consumers (presumably walking their pooch) check-in via Foursquare at a particular street-level billboard for GranataPet, the check-in is registered on a distant server connected to the billboard, reports Mashable’s Todd Wasserman. Once a check-in is detected, a ready-to-eat dog food sample is dispensed into an attached bowl.

It’s not the first time Foursquare check-ins have been used in conjunction with billboard advertising. Todd writes that consumers were able to donate $10 to environmental law firm Earthjustice through a check-in at a specific San Francisco billboard.

What’s been your experience with blending social media and traditional advertising platforms? (And, just as importantly, would you let your furry friend snack from a public food dish?)

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