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17 Dec


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Social Media Influencers – FAQ

December 17, 2010 | By | No Comments

From corporate social network profiles to online listening platforms, your company is starting to put the pieces into place that will guide it to online success. Now it’s time to start putting that information you’re collecting into action. One key to an effective social media strategy is engaging influencers. But who are these people and why are they important? Here’s an FAQ guide to the social media influencer:

What is an influencer?

When it comes to online reputation management (ORM), these select few play a role in whether a particular audience views a brand in a positive light. An influencer can be a prominent blogger, a frequent reviewer, or a forum member who shares well thought out advice.

Why do they matter?

Influencers are the thought leaders and content sharers who drive action. Some influencers are big names in their respective industries, often showing up in top search results. Others are lesser known. They might not have a million followers, but they tend to spur action in the followers they do have.

For example, parenting site BabyCenter, host to nearly 30 million users in 22 countries, examined their online community in a recent study. They found that 8% of their social moms accounted for 33% of the onsite influence. Coined “Field Experts,” these users offered a wealth of support and in-depth advice to other moms and were considered the most persuasive community members. The next largest influencer group made up 8% of the community but exerted 34% of the influence by recommending products, sharing coupons, and broadcasting deals.

How does my brand connect with influencers?

  1. Identify them. A comprehensive social media monitoring platform will be able to sniff out the people who act as your brand’s voice.
  2. Pinpoint influencer motivation. Understand what spurs them to talk about your brand online. Is it the recognition of being identified as an “expert?” Is it because sharing info connects them to an expanded network in an online community? Do they love to pass on an awesome deal?
  3. Act on that motivation. Once you know what gets them excited, it’s time to engage. Retweet something relevant an influencer has posted; offer them an extra discount on the brand’s hot new product; invite influencers to a special event that brings them together with key staff members.

Start planning your an engagement strategy today.

Creating meaningful connections with social media influencers will lift sales and boost online brand reputation. For more information about finding and connecting with the people who are already talking about your brand online, contact the professional engagement team at Social Strategy1.

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