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15 Nov


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Social Media for Startups

November 15, 2010 | By | No Comments registering the company’s name to finding office space, your startup keeps you busy—very busy. So how do you find time to effectively tap into the social media platforms that build online awareness and nurture customer engagement?

  • Put the plan to paper – If you’ve just written a gazillion page business or financial plan, the last thing you want to hear is that you need yet another plan. But flying by the seat of your pants just doesn’t cut it if you want to use social media to launch a successful business. The plan doesn’t need to be complicated; write down how you want social media to work for you (Will it generate leads? Crowdsource ideas? Etc.), then determine which tactics will make the objectives a reality.
  • Start with the sites you know best – The thought of the time and people power it would take to maintain a presence on the hordes of social networks can be overwhelming. Since you’ll be more likely to engage on sites you’re comfortable with, start by establishing a presence on those networks first.
  • Create quality content – Content creation is like a diet: we engage in it with unbridled enthusiasm at the start, only to find the gusto fizzling after a few days or weeks. Don’t let content creation fizzle. Build a folder of good content before you establish a social media presence. Stock up on your favorite caffeinated beverage and spend a weekend writing perhaps a month’s worth of blog entries or tweets, then distribute the content on a regular schedule.
  • Shout it from the rooftops – Once you decide which platforms you’ll use to build a web presence, make sure everyone, from investors to prospects, knows where to find you. Print profile URLs on brochures and business cards and post social icons on your website.
  • Get the right tools – Yes, entrepreneurs can find free social media monitoring tools online. The challenge is utilizing the right software and making the right analysis. Instead, save yourself a load of hair pulling and desk pounding by investing in an online listening company that offers a blend of the most advanced tools with the most experienced business analysts.

As busy as you are, don’t let social media become an afterthought when you’re launching a business. You don’t need to navigate the road to a great web presence alone. The team at Social Strategy1 will provide you with the right tools and the right guidance to use social media effectively and profitably. Contact us today for a no-risk assessment.

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