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25 Jul


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Social Media and Direct Selling: Personal Businesses for the Modern Family

July 25, 2012 | By | No Comments

From major brands and corporations to your teenage sons and daughters, just about everyone you know is engaging with one or more social media platform on a daily basis. Now, small businesses are finding new ways to interact with their customers, using tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to name a few. Those in direct selling know that running their business like a small business is a great way to be successful, and incorporating social media is the next step in that direction.

I had the opportunity and privilege to speak at the Celebrating Home National Rally 2012 earlier this month and I was impressed by the warmth and character of the people I met, from executives to designers.

You heard it at #CHRally and I’ll say it again – Direct selling was the first form of social media. It pre-dates any of the digital platforms being used today because it has always been about social selling and using your connections to accomplish your goals.

Participating in social media can be as simple as writing on a friend’s Facebook page to invite them to an event you’re having.  “Social Media” is considered any way that you communicate with people, in a nontraditional way. Some even argue that using a cell phone and texting a friend is a form of social media. It’s all about taking that conversation which 10 years ago you would have had in person at a PTA meeting or the grocery store, and now are having it online instead.

More than just selling, social media is a place where you can recruit new designers! In addition to posting your latest deal or sale, be sure that anyone you’re connected with knows how to become a designer too.

Most importantly of all, strike a balance on your pages. You can post a recruitment post, then a few hours later or the next day, post a funny video or photo, then jump back to having a great sale for your followers. Don’t knock them over the head in one particular area. You want people to come to your page because you have good information and because it will be a valuable use of their time.

Are you ready to use social media in your own Celebrating Home business? Start by visiting the Celebrating Home Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube pages – and be sure to like and follow! If you want to know more about social media and what we do for businesses like Celebrating Home, I recommend checking out the Social Strategy1 website and blog. Thanks again for making my time with Celebrating Home this year a pleasure for me and it was really great meeting all of you!

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