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14 Feb


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Snapshot of Social Media Engagement

February 14, 2011 | By | No Comments

Earlier today we talked about images becoming an increasingly important part of social media. Now, we’re going to share another kind of picture: a snapshot of real-life, successful social media engagement.

SEOmoz’s Aaron Wheeler shares a video from Jen Lopez, the site’s community manager. She gives us a snapshot of what successful engagement looks like. In the piece, she outlines how the software company boosted their Twitter following by 250%–to more than 27,000 people.  Here’s a peek at some of the social media tactics Jen shared:

  • Consider timing: SEOmoz knows many businesses don’t operate on their own West Coast time. They publish social media content at different times during the day so audiences see messages on their time—whether it’s the West Coast or Western Europe.
  • Make sharing easy: Do users have to hunt for the button that allows them to share a blog post? Not good. SEOmoz redesigned their website to make it super easy for readers to share content with others on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Ask customers to share: Jen says SEOmoz sends emails that ask satisfied customers to Tweet about their experience. In addition, webinar message reminders ask the receiver to tell a friend about the event. (This tactic reminded me of that ages-old sales advice to ask for the sale—except in this case, you ask for the share.)

Jen sums it up by saying: “Twitter is not just a marketing tactic to us. It is involving people in the community.”

Jen, we can’t say it any better than that.

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