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13 May


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SMOTW: Interesting Celebrity Social Media Pages

May 13, 2011 | By | No Comments

Social Media is mostly casual and conversational, so finding people who find humor in similar subjects as you do with such a large viewing audience is not difficult.  Last week I began researching funny related social media groups or pages centered on a celebrity.

What I found was better than expected:

PGA Tour Pro Lucas Glover has been sporting a Grizzly Adams look that rivals the current beard of World Series Champion Closer, Brian Wilson (Fact!). Wilson has a Facebook Fan Page for his beard along with several Twitter handles solely beard related (@BeardofBrian has almost 10k followers).  Lucas Glover also has a Facebook page dedicated to his beard (over 1,000 Fans), the funny thing is Glover doesn’t even have a personal FB account.

“No, the ball doesn’t know what I’ve got on my face, but it’s just something to do. If I get too hot and start itching, I’ll shave it. If not, I won’t. One of those things.” -Lucas Glover

“It’s probably gonna become a problem if it gets below uh…my cleats might get caught.” – Brian Wilson’s response when asked how long he would grow the beard.

Who has the better beard? Right now I would go with Brian Wilson because of his dedication.

Pippa Middleton did not become a Princess, but she was so popular from the Royal wedding coverage that Social Media fans everywhere have built pages related for her. A Facebook Fan page appreciating Pippa’s backside has over 217,000 “Likes” (page claims any vulgar or disrespectful posts are removed). She was a trending topic before and after the wedding on Twitter, and rumors claim that the amount of tweets about her nearly crashed the site.

Anyone know of any other funny pages that were recently made on Celebrities?  Are pages like the Pippa page funny if they eliminate distasteful and negative posts?

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the beautiful Players Championship (great event for our community and town)!

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