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12 Aug


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SMOTW: Google+ Song, Toddler Interview, and The Amazing Jesse

August 12, 2011 | By | No Comments

This week rioters went crazy in London and authorities are blaming social media for the organization of the riots. 1,700 people have already been arrested and now social media is being used to track the looters & vandals.  The British government is planning on meeting with Research in Motion, Twitter, and Facebook officials regarding the rioting.

Facebook launched their Facebook Messenger Mobile App for iPhones & Android phones this week with mixed reviews. The FCC also announced this week that they will be moving forward with Next Generation 9-1-1, which will allow emergency centers and 911 operators to receive text, voice, and photos.

Now that I caught you up on the important happenings in the world of social media this week; I will share some less serious stories shared with me via social media this week.

Google+ Song

On Wednesday Break Originals uploaded the Google+ Song video below to YouTube.  Google+ has exploded and is expected to become the second largest social network to Facebook within its first year. Although it is still early on for Google+, they have created quite a buzz and just added Games to their network.

It’s a well thought out and well executed video.  They have had almost 150,000 views in the first two days on YouTube and were featured as Mashable’s Video of The Day yesterday.

What do you think of Google+ so far?

Interview with a One-Year-Old

Have you ever wanted to know how a one year old would handle an interview? Now you can find out thanks to Mr. Arturo Trejo.  Although the video was posted a few months ago it took off yesterday after being featured on High Definite and YouTube Trends. This kid is going to love his dad when he gets older:

Jose Luis is a web superstar and has almost 400,000 views on YouTube.  I hope that they make more videos like this as long as Jose Luiz seeing some of the profit.

The Amazing Jesse

Just Jesse, an amazing Jack Russell Terrier, is becoming a web celebrity quickly.  His owner, Heather Brook has created a website and YouTube channel for the talented pup.  Monday Heather posted a video she recorded of Jesse performing awesome tricks and chores he knows how to do on YouTube.

Jesse is incredible and over 380,000 people have seen his newest video on YouTube.  The packing of the suitcase at the end of the clip has to be my favorite trick of Jesse’s.

Do you have an animal that can perform tricks like Jesse? If you do, please share with our readers.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Michael F. Lewis II is a Social Media Consultant and Marketing Analyst for Social Strategy1.  He contributes several blogs weekly to the SS1 site.  Connect with Michael on Twitter via @mlewii.

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