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05 Aug


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SMOTW: A Destructive Mayor, Street Performing Sinatra, and Return of Blink-182

August 5, 2011 | By | No Comments

As we get deeper into summer people are taking vacations and time off to enjoy the warm weather, but social media never stops!  This week we saw LinkedIn announce a 120% increase in revenue ($121 million) during their first quarter as a public company. Groupon and Foursquare also announced a partnership where Groupon deals will be sold through Foursquare’s mobile application. President Obama tried to use Twitter to get his #Compromise message out to a large audience.  The only problem is that the Twitter fired back and Obama lost over 36,000 followers in less than 5 hours.

Now onto the stories you may have missed this week that really matter:

Mayor Crushes Illegal Parking

Mayor Arturas Zuokas of Vilnius, Lithuania despises illegal parking and sought to solve the issue himself.  How is he going to resolve this issue? Oh, by simply running illegally parked vehicles over in a massive military style tank.  You have to see to believe:

The guy whose car he crushes seems too calm for the car to be his, but the message is very clear. Zuokas’ message has reached over 2 million YouTube viewers in only 3 days! Do you think Mayor Zuokas’ plan is too extreme?

Hard Hat Sinatra

Gary Russo, a 2nd Avenue Subway Construction Worker in New York City has been captivating gawkers with his amazing Sinatra like performances during his lunch break. Gary apparently can be seen singing every day around noon at the corner of 73rd Street and 2nd Ave.

This video reminds me of Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.’s audition from America’s Got Talent.  Gary has an amazing voice and over a half of a million people have seen him on YouTube (over 630,000 views in 4 days).  Do you think a record deal is in the cards for Mr. Russo?

Blink-182 Reward Viral Fans

The Blink-182 guys are releasing their first single in over 8 years entitled; “Up All Night” and they created a great way to promote the new song. With the help of AT&T, they found YouTube videos of kids playing their music and compiled all of the clips to make a music video.

Although it seems like a nice ad campaign for the band and AT&T, the idea is very new age and consumer driven.  Rewarding their passionate fans with 1-3 seconds of fame in a video is the least they could do. I think it’s a neat concept and you will see more musicians and companies trying viral video campaigns like AT&T did with Blink-182.  What do you think of the idea?

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