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29 Apr



SMOTW: 2011 NFL Draft

April 29, 2011 | By | 2 Comments

The NFL Draft this year could not have been more intriguing because of pending lawsuits and the uncertainty of a 2011 season.  The players and owners sit and wait anxiously for the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to decide on the NFL’s appeal of Judge Susan Nelson’s decision (sided with players on the injunction on Monday).  Until the Court of Appeals rules on the NFL’s appeal the players and team staff will go back to normal scheduled work. ESPN’s SportsCenter put together this funny and entertaining draft preview video to amuse disgruntled fans:

All NFL fans in this rough economy want their football league back (from the courts and owner’s greed) and it was pretty evident last night how disgusted they are with the commissioner and the owners.  As Roger Goodell made his opening remarks he is unable to continue because the raucous crowd at Radio City Music Hall chanted “We Want Football” and booed him for almost 2 minutes. It was quite funny and even Nick Saban who is normally the most serious looking college coach was in the background chuckling.


The draft was flying by when Auburn’s Nick Fairley tried to steal the stage with his Steve Urkel look and entourage of at least 40. You know you have made a statement when Deion Sanders A.K.A. “Primetime” tweets about the size of your group (without dissing you for becoming a Lion).  When Deion was drafted in 1989 by the Atlanta Falcons he said in an interview, “if the Detroit Lions would have drafted me, I would have asked for so much money, they would have had to put me in layaway.”

@DeionSanders Gongrats to d tackle Nick Fairley going to Detroit and his family of at least 40 folks onstage. God bless them. (His Typo Not Mine)

People in Detroit seem excited about drafting Fairley, “I love this Nick Fairley pick, and not just because Fairley showed up to the draft wearing glasses made out of snow tires. (Seriously, when did super-thick glasses get cool? Where was this trend when I really needed it in third grade? I kept waiting for somebody to draft Joe Paterno),” claimed Michael Rosenberg of the Detroit Free Press.

Andrew Theodorakis

This draft also saw Royalty drafted just hours before the British Royal Wedding.  Prince Amukamara, a cornerback from Nebraska was taken 19th overall by the New York Giants. His name is pretty telling because he happens to be a member of a Nigerian Royal family. I have a feeling Amukamara’s wedding will not be quite as popular as Prince William’s Royal Wedding Extravaganza.

The draft seemed much more exciting this year and I’m sure that can be attributed to so many unknown factors about next year’s season.  Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and the sides can reach an agreement so the fans relax and enjoy sports entertainment.  As we look forward to the future check out 7th Grader Gunnar Legas, the next QB with a rocket laser arm:


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