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18 May


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Shuttle Pics Launch Instant Twitter Star

May 18, 2011 | By | No Comments

On Monday morning, my 5-year-old and I watched Endeavour’s launch. While I was attempting to answer his approximately six thousand questions about space travel, Stefanie Gordon was taking one-of-a-kind photos and video of the launch from her seat aboard a Florida-bound plane—and sharing them via her Twitter account.

Talk about an instant Twitter sensation. According to a Mashable report, within hours, she’d acquired more than 1,000 new followers, taken phone calls from major news groups, like ABC and the BBC, and earned a retweet from NASA itself.

How did she leverage the instant fame? Gordon, an event planner who’d been looking for a job, tweeted a link to her LinkedIn resume. It was a nimble reaction to a real-time situation.

She was on the spot. Brands need to be, too. So, in that spirit, here are questions to ask about your company’s social media readiness:

  • Is our staff nimble enough to react to the real-time opportunities that present themselves on social media?
  • Is our staff empowered to make real-time decisions regarding those opportunities? If not, do they have a roadmap for alerting the decision makers who can act?
  • Do we have social media monitoring strategies in place to quickly identify opportunities?


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