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13 Apr


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Should You Care What the Next Big Thing In Social Media Will Be?

April 13, 2011 | By | No Comments


What’s the next Facebook, Twitter, or Google? What new social media site will you become a member of to keep up with your peers? Which way will the next digital wave go?

If you’ve paid attention to the rise Facebook in the last years, seen how common it is to hear people say, “Google it”, and have finally figured out how to use Twitter, maybe now you’re wondering how long things will stay like this and what the next big thing will be.

Recently, social media consultant Mack Collier was asked “What’s next?” I’ve speculated about what Google may do to incorporate “liking” and social interaction with their search results, or what Facebook is doing to continue to profit, but instead Mack advises us to place the attention on people’s behavior and not the tools.

Technology has shifted the channels and gadgets that we use to communicate with peers and brands. If we used to dial an 800 number for customer service and now we tweet, the need is still the same, we want service. We want a discount. We want to know of the latest in fashion, etc.

If you know why your customers are using tools and how they’re using them, the tools won’t matter. When the tools change, and they will, you’ll be right there next to your customers following the change and taking advantage of the new ways you’ll be able to serve your customer.

Do you know your customer enough now to know why they use social media?

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