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29 Jun


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Shopping Social Media Firms? Avoid This Pick-Up Line

June 29, 2011 | By | No Comments

“You must be tired because you’ve been runnin’ through my head all night.” Ah, the bad pick-up line. Every night somebody somewhere is tortured with one of these gems. According to Nichole Kelly on Social Media Explorer, businesses hear lines, too—from social media agencies. She shares a host of these red-flag lines to be wary of; here’s one worth highlighting:

“You must have a presence on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and…” As Nichole writes, there may very well be “wrong places to be” for your company. The fact is your audience isn’t likely present or active on every social media channel. Try to be all things in all places and you’ve wasted time and resources.

The first step toward developing a social media strategy that works is to know where your customers are already engaging online. Are they tweens who inhabit kid-safe virtual worlds, perhaps the upcoming Pottermore? Is your market comprised of seniors who use social networks to connect with long-lost friends? Online intelligence tells you where the audience is and what it’s doing there.

So what do you do when you hear a social media firm say your brand MUST be on every conceivable social network? Put your drink down and step away from the bar. It’s time to look for a social media partner who will help you allocate social media resources where they’ll generate maximum impact and ROI.

Help fellow blog readers by sharing bad pick-up lines you’ve been subjected to (from social media firms, not the local watering hole!)

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