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04 Mar


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Sheen Tweets

March 4, 2011 | By | One Comment

Have you seen Charlie Sheen’s Twitpic of what appears to be a cake emblazoned with an Oscar statue that features Charlie’s face? Whether you think it’s funny or just plain weird it appears that in an effort to manage his PR crisis, the embattled actor is taking his message directly to the Twitterverse. Sheen’s Twitter account has snagged more than 1 million followers in the few days since he launched it. It’s crystal clear that the public wants to hear what the “unemployed winner” has to say.

No matter what we might think of Sheen’s current state of mind, it’s clear that on some level he understands the power of media, both traditional and social. The actor has combined a slate of compelling TV interviews and call-ins with an unfiltered, unedited platform—Twitter—in which he can interact with the public directly.

Most brands, hopefully, won’t find themselves under a Sheen-type of microscope. But crises do happen, whether it’s an executive caught doing something inappropriate with company funds or a good product gone bad. That’s why it’s so critical for brands to incorporate a digital component into their crisis management strategy.

What does your digital crisis strategy look like?


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