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12 May


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Secret Service Launches Twitter Account

May 12, 2011 | By | No Comments

The men and women in suits and glasses just got even cooler. The U.S. Secret Service has opened a Twitter account: @SecretService. No, they won’t be divulging state secrets. According to the agency, the social media account will serve two purposes. One purpose is to act as a channel for sharing press releases.

However, the agency will also use Twitter as a recruitment tool. As of Tuesday afternoon, agency tweets have included an announcement about recruitment at job fairs, a link to agent classes and training, and a link to a Special Agent career brochure.

Aside from learning that I’m definitely NOT qualified to be an Agent, I also learned that an organization, which by definition is not in the  business of sharing information, can still leverage the power of social media to its advantage.

Are you using social media for recruitment? How?

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