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11 Jan


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Save Your Online Reputation – 5 Tips

January 11, 2011 | By | No Comments

Being battered on blogs? Ostracized on an online community? If your brand is suffering from social media backlash, you can rescue your online reputation.

Listen to the voice of the customer.

Social media monitoring is not just a trendy tool. A good online listening platform provides real-time info about what consumers (and others, like the media) are saying about your brand. It is the first line of defense in an online reputation management strategy. No social media monitoring program? The alternative is hearing about an online backlash from a reporter who calls your office for comment.

Respond quickly.

Brands no longer have the luxury of taking days to formulate a response to criticism. You might not have the answers right away, but it’s important to—at the very least—let the social media world know that you’re aware of their concerns. For example, if you need time to investigate a criticism, let the commenter(s) know the problem is being looked into and give them a date (sooner rather than later) when they can expect a more detailed response.

Make it clear you’re listening.

As important as it is to communicate with the audience, it’s also important to listen. During a crisis, let the social media community know your team is reading every tweet, comment, and email, and it’s taking each concern into consideration.

Admit you goofed.

If the brand made a mistake, come clean. Let audiences know you understand the error and outline what should have been done instead.

Continue to listen.

After the crisis has passed, it’s tempting to take a deep breath and move on. But now, more than ever, it’s critical to engage in continued social media monitoring. Consistent online listening will:

  • Alert you to conversations and questions that arise concerning the problem you’ve just put to rest. (Remember, search engines will continue to generate results containing those complaints.)
  • Provide warning signs for new issues the brand needs to address.

When in doubt, Get a Jenny.

Social Strategy1’s Get a Jenny team offers the experienced business and social media analysts brands need in a connected world. Contact us to learn how we’ll help you develop and implement an online reputation management strategy that mitigates crises and builds a positive brand reputation.

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