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07 Jun


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Rock Recruitment with Social Media – Tips

June 7, 2011 | By | No Comments

Manage online reputation. Implement online engagement. Your company is getting better every day at using social media to make your business better. Now it’s time to add social media to HR’s recruitment efforts. On OPEN Forum, Anna Lindow shares tips for using social networks to connect with job candidates. Here are two tips:

  • Be on-target when choosing which social networks to utilize. Anna writes that not every social media platform is frequented by the ideal job recruit. For example, while a college intern might feel comfortable using Twitter for a job hunt, a seasoned pro (who might still be working for a company) might not be as public about potential job changes. To reach those candidates, you may need to use LinkedIn or other professional social networks.
  • Tap into your creative side. The social media world is a big place. Job seekers will find a ton of official and unofficial chatter on Twitter, Facebook, etc. about jobs—so make sure your opening stands out. Anna cites one company that asked potential interns to vie for positions by submitting 13 tweets over a 13-day period. Another way to engage candidates is to post a video they can view on Facebook or YouTube.

Has your brand considered using social media for recruitment? Have you personally used social networks for job hunting? What are your experiences?

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