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02 Feb


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Repetition Rules Social Media Roost

February 2, 2011 | By | No Comments

It’s true that repetition can drive us bonkers sometimes. The Dora the Explorer theme song that batters your brains into mush. A barking dog that hammers your eardrums. It turns out that repetition is not always a bad thing. In fact, when it takes the form of a consistent message, repetition can be a smart technique to inject into your brand’s social media strategy.

On his blog, Steve Rubel (Edelman Digital) writes about one finding from the 2011 Edelman Trust Barometer: Media consumers need to hear something 3 to 5 times from a number of sources before it effects changes in behavior.  In the most developed countries, the number of necessary repetitions is even higher—up to 9 times.

Steve brings up two points that provide brands with takeaways for developing and implementing digital strategy:

  • Say it again, Steve: He writes, “…organizations must secure multiple impressions across a diverse array of media sources…” For brands, then, it’s critical to manage a complete web presence. While it may not be necessary to maintain engagement across a dozen social networks, you will need to identify those platforms where your customers live and maintain a consistent brand message there.
  • Learn to listen: Steve also points out that we don’t always control the source of impressions. (Remember the Motrin Moms?) If “repetition enhances believability,” as the Edelman study suggests, then it’s even more important for firms to listen to the voice of the customer across multiple platforms. Social media monitoring identifies the misconceptions, rumors, and complaints that will sink a brand’s market share, revenue, and even stock price—especially when those messages are repeated over and over.  Brands that listen are brands that are in a better position to respond.


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