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19 Sep


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Re-energize Your Blog – Quick Tip

September 19, 2011 | By | No Comments

We all love a quick tip, so here’s one I found for making blogs stickier. It comes from co-founder Shane Snow’s recent Mashable article on content strategy:

Let your blog live on, off-blog.

Use social media channels to drive people to your blog, he recommends. One way to accomplish that is by taking tidbits of blog material and repackaging it into Facebook or Tumblr sized bites. Also use blog headlines or quotes to generate interest through social channels like LinkedIn and Twitter. This is super simple but spot-on advice from someone who’s fast becoming one of my favorite social media gurus.

There are two big advantages to extending the life of a blog entry:

  1. Using social media for blog promotion makes it easier for consumers and buyers to share content with others. It becomes effortless for a reader to tweet a link to followers or repost on Facebook.  
  2. Sharing content via social also boost SEO efforts because search engines increasingly use social activity to determine the relevance of content.


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