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31 Jan


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Pro Wrestlers Rock Social Media

January 31, 2011 | By | No Comments

Whether you’re a rabid WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) junkie or just shake your head in dismay at their antics, there’s one fact that few can deny: the WWE has, in the words of Mashable’s Erica Swallow, “conquered the social media arena.” After interviewing the brand’s digital gurus, she outlined 5 keys to the group’s body-slamming social media success:

  1. WWE identifies web usage trends—and successfully follows them to generate maximum engagement. For example, the group has shifted focus from the brand website to social sites like Facebook.
  2. WWE recognizes that relevant and accessible content is critical to fan interaction. Content—about 1,500 unique pieces each week—is posted on their website then optimized through Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  3. WWE uses social media to extend storylines (i.e. connect with viewers) between broadcasts. For instance, they post “Twitterviews” with stars.
  4. WWE leverages the power of each superstar as an individual brand. The company and the talent work together to manage the wrestlers’ online presences.
  5. WWE use real-time social media feedback (via Facebook polls and Twitter) to inform content creation.

You’ve just read about the “good” example of a pro sport/entertainment brand utilizing a comprehensive social media strategy. Now check out the “not so good” example—this is what happens when a professional athlete doesn’t fully understand the power of social media.

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