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02 Aug


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Pres. Taps Twitterverse in Debt Debate

August 2, 2011 | By | No Comments

Is Twitter spam President Barack Obama’s new strategy to solve the debt ceiling debate? That’s what some are saying after he invoked Twitter during his Friday address. The president called on constituents to contact their representatives and encourage them to act: “Make a phone call. Send an e-mail. Tweet,” he said.

In the hours following the address, Mashable’s Stephanie Haberman reports his Twitter account sent more than 100 messages sharing the Twitter handles of Republican lawmakers.

Some Twitter users accused President Obama of starting a spam campaign. Stephanie reports @jimmiebjr tweeted: “….Really? Twitter spam? That’s your grand plan to force the GOP to do your bidding?”

Gimmicky is how Arizona Republican Trent Franks described the Twitter call-out, saying “I wish the president would tweet us.”

What do you think of President Obama’s attempt to use Twitter to spur lawmakers to a solution? Is it any different than telling a citizen to make a phone call to their representative’s office?

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