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08 Apr


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Planning to Fail Key to Social Success

April 8, 2011 | By | No Comments

What stops brands from achieving online success? Perhaps it’s a mindset stuck in the marketing world of days gone by. On his blog, marketing guru David Meerman Scott  writes that in traditional marketing it was common to plan a campaign for months or quarters in advance. Campaigns were expensive, so they were meticulously planned and expected to generate ROI.

So why doesn’t that mindset breed online success? David believes it’s because some online marketers spend so much time planning a few campaigns that they lose the opportunity to generate genuine, real-time communication through the creation of hundreds of pieces of content. Value-packed content, like blogs or YouTube videos, is easy to create and can cost next-to-nothing. He writes:

Many attempts will be duds that won’t spark any interest; a few will generate some notice and basically pay back your investment of the time required to create them; and a handful will spread to thousands or even millions of people!

David is right: web failure is cheap. What’s expensive is losing out on opportunities to engage customers, generate conversations, and produce profits. So what are you waiting for? Start blogging, posting, and sharing!

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