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People Power-Social Media for Startups

February 17, 2011 | By | No Comments

Anyone who has stepped (or jumped) into the entrepreneurial pool for the first time knows there’s a tremendous amount of advice out there. Some of the tidbits are oldies-but-goodies, like Ask for the sale. But other advice comes out of the new and necessary emphasis on the online biz component.

In 10 Online Tools and Tips for the Budding Entrepreneur, Scott Gerber shares tips from a panel of young business pros for thriving in a wired world. The tip that resonated the most with me comes from entrepreneur Natalie MacNeil: “‘Virtual’ doesn’t mean ‘alone.’” She says “people are your most valuable asset,” so utilize others who have strengths you may not have—whether it’s hiring a graphic designer to create a logo or a virtual assistant to organize the computer files.

Successful business pros know that doing it alone is a fast track to failure. So how should startups use social media? How would you recommend entrepreneurs use social media to tap into people power?

To read more on getting the most out of social media for startups or for your business, check out a couple more of our resources below.

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