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23 Jan


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Pardot Study Shows Twitter Most Popular Among B2B Marketers, But LinkedIn Has Best ROI

January 23, 2012 | By | No Comments

Pardot, a leading marketing automation company, recently released a study of social media usage among B2B marketers. The data, which can be viewed in this helpful infographic, shows that Twitter was the most-used social media tool for this group even though it was not necessarily the most successful at generating leads – a distinction that belongs to LinkedIn.

The study confirms that social media can be an indispensable marketing tool if it is used properly. However, only one-third of marketers are measuring the business outcomes of their social media marketing strategy and tactics. Without these metrics it can be difficult to prove to management that these types of effort should continue to be funded.

Opinions on various practices in social media etiquette were also part of the study. There was no clear-cut standard for appropriate interaction on social media channels. Answers about whether certain types of interaction were appropriate were closely split in some instances, while others showed more consensus. For example, while there were essentially 50-50 splits on whether you should contact someone who you’ve interacted with on social media through email or telephone, and vice versa, there was near unanimity that you should invite business prospects to join your social media markets. It is natural, in a medium as young as social media, which established norms have not been developed yet.

While marketers appear somewhat undecided about contacting or interacting with prospects using social media, it is very clear that you shouldn’t use negative campaigns on Twitter or other social media. And you should definitely invite your prospects to come to your social media party and become a member of your group.

Finally, while LinkedIn was acknowledged to be the leader (at 32%) in generating leads from among a group that included Twitter, Facebook, blogging, YouTube and LinkedIn, Twitter was the most popular social media tool used out of that same group, coming in at a 91% rate of usage. The other tools scored at least 70% and above.

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