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08 Sep


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Online Shopper Satisfaction Down, Opportunities for Engagement Up

September 8, 2011 | By | No Comments

Online shoppers are less satisfied than they were a year ago, according to an iPerceptions report:

60% of shoppers who were ready to buy left without what they came for. Ouch!

  • · 42% couldn’t find what they wanted
  • · 30% said the product wasn’t available
  • · 12% said they couldn’t get the product info they wanted

And what about those who were just shopping? 73% said they completed their shopping task, but…

  • · 23% couldn’t find what they wanted
  • · 30% said the product wasn’t available
  • · 30% said pricing or product comparisons weren’t clear

Wow! The numbers indicate that online storefronts may need to do a better job in some areas, like providing clear price information. But there are also plenty of opportunities here for social media savvy companies to narrow those satisfaction gaps:

Social media monitoring gives insight into what customers want, from product design to customer service.

Online engagement, the Johnny-on-the-spot kind, will help answer those questions customers have about, for example, product comparisons.

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