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04 Jan


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Online Reputation Management Lesson #1

January 4, 2012 | By | No Comments

Like other on-the-go people, I’ve discovered that glorious, old school appliance called the crock-pot. Throw a bunch of ingredients in early in the day and then forget about it until it’s time to serve the hungry crew that evening. Online reputation management is NOT like that, and I was reminded of that while reading a guest post on Social Media Explorer from Matt Polsky, Veterans United & VA Mortgage Center Social Media Manager/Reputation Manager. He writes:

Reputation isn’t a single stationary object, but an equation that includes many pieces, such as being known for quality products or services, being likeable, actively engaging customers, or the ability to offer valuable and relevant content.” Matt Polsky

Online reputation management is not a one-off campaign. Brand reputations are not protected by checking a sentiment report once every blue moon. They’re not protected by logging onto a Facebook Page Admin once a week to write sparse responses to fan comments either.

Companies who do reputation management well (in other words, the opposite of Netflix) incorporate online reputation management into their processes. They listen. They learn. They engage. And then they do it all over again.

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