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15 Jun


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Online Influencers Inspire Action, Study Says

June 15, 2011 | By | No Comments

The online influencer. Conventional wisdom says that this select group can be a brand’s best friend or worst enemy. A newly released report suggests that tidbit of conventional wisdom isn’t far from the truth. SAY Media, TRU, and comScore researched the consumers who follow what the report coins Passionate Voices, influencers who use blogs, Twitter, and other new media platforms to produce category-specific, independent (not corporate sponsored) content.

According to the report, these online influencers do impact their audiences. Their followers don’t just read the influencer’s content, they take action. What do followers do after consuming an influencer’s blog, tweet, or other digital content?

  • 40% of followers have shared a link
  • 40% told a friend
  • 29% emailed an article
  • 20% tweeted
  • 19% made a purchase
  • 15% completed a project

Check out the full report for more details. And thanks to Kristina Knight for first posting about this research on BizReport.

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