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05 Aug


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Online Engagement – Where’s the Love?

August 5, 2011 | By | No Comments

I have muffins on my mind today.  Why? On Conversation Agent, Valeria Maltoni shares a yummy analogy: she compares social media conversation to the art of baking. If you’re a cook of any level, you know that baking is a bit different than cooking. Baking is much more like a science and is less forgiving if you make an error, like forgetting to add baking powder.

Valeria gives us the 8 key ingredients in conversation strategy, from starting with the right workspace to using only quality ingredients (in this case, content.) Be sure to check out her full post for the delicious details.

I’d humbly add another to the list: love the conversation. My sister is a great cook but doesn’t care for baking at all. And you can tell. She’s got a near-famous macaroni and cheese dish but her cookies, well, you can keep them down, but you wouldn’t jump over a fence for them.

Brands who want to generate conversation that builds genuine, engaging relationships, the kind that nurtures online fans and profitable transactions, need a social media team that loves what they do. That means the task shouldn’t be farmed out to an already overworked staffer or one who really doesn’t know their tweets from their likes.

Do your representatives on social media love what they do?

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