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One Way to Deal with Negative Social Media Comments

June 1, 2011 | By | One Comment


It’s bound to happen: the negative blog comment. So how do social media reps deal with not-so-nice comments in a public forum like a blog? Brenda Somich on Social Media Today shares tips for dealing with negative blog comments, but her tips can be used as a guide for dealing with negative reactions on other social media platforms as well.

One tip is to determine why the reader may have had that reaction. Start by reviewing the original post from the commenter’s point of view. For example, can the original blog post be perceived as bossy? Critical? Negative? If, after reviewing, you understand why a reader may have felt compelled to write a not-so-nice response, Brenda advises letting them know you understand where they’re coming from. You don’t need to agree with the commenter, but it’s diplomatic to acknowledge them if they have a point.

Blogs and other social media platforms will sometimes attract negative viewpoints, criticisms, and downright insults. The key is to deal with negative sentiment in a professional and reasoned manner—even when the comment sends your blood pressure through the ceiling.

What tips can you share for handling social media negativity?

For more details on dealing with negative comments, including suggestions for when it may be time to consider hitting the delete button, check out Brenda’s full post.

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  1. Negative comments are definitely part of being involved in the social media space. But they can be a way to show your audience that you can be professional, diplomatic, and kind under pressure. Keeping calm and trying to put yourself in the commenter’s shoes can help diffuse the situation rather than adding fuel to the fire by attacking back. I think often people don’t fully realize that there’s a person behind the business/account (or maybe they do, and are just having a bad day!), so trying to reach out to them and show that you care can definitely help turn things around.

    Brittany Morse |

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