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02 Aug


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Old Spice Guy Rocks New-Style Media

August 2, 2010 | By | No Comments

Old Spice Guy rocks new-style media

The Old Spice brand has been around so long that your grandfather or even great-grandfather used it. Yet new spokes-hunk Old Spice Guy has helped the company grab the social media baton and run away with it in what is, quite simply, one of the coolest social media campaigns ever.

Social media is about engagement. Well, Old Spice Guy is engaging his fans on a whole new level. The character is using YouTube to post personal responses to questions and comments from the social media world.

As noted by Brenna Ehrlich at Mashable, Old Spice Guy is doing much more than answering the bloggers who attract oodles of readers. His video responses include, for example, a message to actress Alyssa Milano that references her Who’s the Boss? days. He also answers questions from the everyday folks who populate the Twitterverse.

Since Old Spice started releasing videos in mid-July, it’s posted dozens of video responses that have garnered hundreds of thousands of views. Huffington Post has assembled some of the funniest on their site, but you can find the complete playlist on the Old Spice YouTube channel.

We may not all have a ridiculously handsome actor on our payroll or the money or infrastructure to churn out slickly-produced videos. But the Old Spice Guy campaign does have a lesson for the rest of us less-Godlike creatures: be creative.

Of course, it’s good social media manners to answer reviews, comments, and criticisms with some manner of acknowledgement—even a quick “Thanks for the kind words!” can be enough to engage some customers. But you can create Old-Spice-Guy-level fandom by brainstorming creative engagement strategies.

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