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Old Spice Guy Numbers

March 17, 2011 | By | No Comments

We watched the videos. We analyzed the campaign. But did the Old Spice Guy deliver awesomeness where it counts—in ROI?  Possibly, suggests reporting from Brenna Ehrlich on Mashable. She shares the following:

  • Old Spice Guy Responses, the 180 customized YouTube answers to comments and questions from fans and bloggers, became one of the fastest growing viral video campaigns of all time, garnering more views more quickly than President Obama’s victory speech, former President Bush dodging shoes at an Iraqi press conference, and singing sensation Susan Boyle, according to Visible Measures.
  • The brand saw “substantial growth” in Old Spice Body Wash sales around the time of the campaign, according to Brandweek.

Brenna’s article also details a few organizations who were paying attention to the campaign and were able to successfully incorporate some of its tactics into their own social media strategies. For example, Majority Leader Eric Cantor used his YouTube channel to respond directly to Twitter questions following the State of the Union while Cisco ran a parody series, featuring “Ted from Accounting,” to connect with its influencers.

Feel free to share any lessons you learned from Old Spice’s cheeky and chiseled social media campaign.

P.S. It’s St. Patrick’s Day! Conduct in-depth social media research on how other companies leverage the power of social networks by checking out the Guinness Facebook page, where you can pour yourself a virtual pint or send one to a friend.

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