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24 Dec


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Ning – The Zing Your Brand’s Online Strategy Needs?

December 24, 2010 | By | No Comments

Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn are great places to connect with audiences, but sometimes a brand wants to create a more personal experience. Ning is a platform that allows businesses, educators, and non-profits to build a custom online community.

For a fee, you can create a brand social network to engage and connect with customers, colleagues, or other audiences. Ning allows brands to make communities public or private as well as integrate the community with other social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Connect with consumers                          

Ning sites are customizable, so your brand has freedom to post the dynamic content that best suits your target audience. From asking customers for product feedback to providing consumer buyer’s guides, a well-constructed Ning site will connect the brand and the consumer. For example, outdoor gear company Mountain Hardware created Expedition Republic, a brand community where customers ask product questions, recommend changes, and share photos of their adventures. The site hosts more than 2,700 members and 25 groups.

Connect with colleagues

Building an online community does more than allow brands to engage B2B or B2C consumers. It’s also an efficient way to connect with the people who can make your business better: colleagues. For example, Ning community SL Bar Association is dedicated to discussing legal issues arising from Second Life and other virtual worlds. The group hosts virtual coffee socials, holds discussions, and promotes programs regarding issues such as graphic character (avatar) trademark protection. Consider creating an industry- or issue-related community or tap valuable resources in one that’s already established.

Is Ning right for you?

For some businesses, Ning provides the platform to create a social network community that furthers corporate goals and generates ROI potential. To find out if a brand community is a good fit for your social media strategy, contact Social Strategy1.

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